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slow goes it.

there are times when i’m all hare - jumping around like hyper prey.  not now.  not this week at least.  now i’m all tortoise.  my to-do list is ever growing and my ideas are still whirling but rather than go nuts trying to keep all the balls in the air, i’ve decided to breathe and think and watch instead.

the girls were both sick yesterday - fevers and upset tummies and i’m not convinced either is 100% better now, but they are up and about and more themselves at least.  because of this, hubs has gone up north to his godmother’s viewing alone. alizah asked me today, “why did they both have to go?”  i asked what she meant… “sharon and rita.” oh.  the simple answer is that they both had cancer.  i thought about it today while hoeing between plants (in a vain effort to knock down some weeds).  today is one of those - if every day could be like this - days.  the sun is out and warm but there’s a cool breeze and low humidity.  i’d be at work right now, watching it waste away through tinted windows had i not taken the plunge to live.  yep.  choosing life is better.  there will be trying times and we’ll be scraping by and i’ll think WHAT HAVE I DONE???  and hopefully i’ll remember the tortoise and go steadily through the muck.  rita left us with some regrets and i think that’s the saddest way.  what will i regret?  what will i be proud of?  i’m determined to make sure a life wasted will not be on the list.

of course, i’ve been steadily picking and stitching all the while, too.

monster mani (or bigguns as i like to call him) is happily perched in my hanging plant.  for more information or to knit one of your own!!!! you can check him out here

on the needles:

it doesn’t look like much now, but someday it will be THIS!

and the dude socks.  i’m not entirely convinced though.  they seem… small.  even when stretched out.  this is making me very, very nervous.  you can peep the pattern here.

and for some reason, the powers that be have planted the quilting seed in my friends and me.  i’m no quilter - i used to sew a lot, but no quilting.  as with everything i do, i’m sort of winging it.  i’m loving the purl bee right now for the mini quilt of the month thing they have going on.  check it out

so, now that i’ve gotten into the rhythm of cutting and sewing again i think i might actually be ready for… real quilting - as in… some sort of attractive pattern.  HA!  the “practice” quilts have found their way into our hearts no matter how bazaar the patterns.  this one in particular i had to drag out from under the children just to take the pictures!

in closing, i’ll share a story from this morning.

hubs and i were laying together staring out the window next to the bed.  he rolled over and asked, “how did you get that?” and touched just below my chin.  i’m really into simple answers right now and the simple answer was, “i was playing hopscotch in my tap shoes.”  of course, this incited howling laughter.  “why would anyone think that was a good idea?”  i don’t know.  playing alone at recess was my thing and i really, really liked wearing my tap shoes.  of course i slipped and of course i fell flat on my face and of course i had to get stitches.  what i didn’t anticipate was the “beard” the stitches created.

i hope everyone is have a slow, thoughtful, and laughter filled thursday xo


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