links? anyone?

sure.  here are some super fun ravelry links.

love. ravelry. love.

little johns - button butt!

i’d knit this for myself if i didn’t have so much… going on up front…

seriously?  i’m rediculous for not thinking of this.

cutest biker ever! (next to hubs of course)

so stinking cute!

OH adorable.

now, for socks.  i’ve been searching for socks to knit for my dad… but all i can find that i WANT to knit are really awesome ones (like, so awesome he wouldn’t wear them).  i have a love/hate relationship with socks anyways - i love the way they look and i hate knitting them.  really.  i hate it.  here are some i’m loving to hate right now:



hermione’s every day

crocodile rock

nightingale (prepare yourself for these!)


simple summer socks

hungry bees

happy knitting dear inter-web folks xo