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getting back to the knitty gritty

i tend to move around alot in three dimentional space rather than follow a direct, linear course which may be why i feel like i’ve been doing alot of tail chasing these past thirty years… however, i am getting back on the needles (with half-sewn quilts laying about) and trying to stick it out.

remember a while back when i was posting project after project and i was finishing them so quickly my fingers were on fire?  ya… that chapter has ended.  i’m still (slowly) stitching away on the sweater i started last week, i’ve all but frogged those dude socks (that will fit me if i’m lucky), and i’ve started a new project because i couldn’t bear to see that lovely mohair gathering dust any longer!

here’s the problem - those socks sucked all the life out of me.  i swear!  i may be the only knitter on earth who absolutely HATES knitting socks.  i’m going to shout my secret at the top of my lungs - I’M A FRAUD OF A KNITTER!!! haha, not really, i know.  but seriously.  it’s how i feel sometimes.  so, i thought to myself - if you knit socks that are going to fit YOU, don’t you want to knit some that are really fun and interesting?  these are so… man. - then i thought in response - why yes! i’ll jump online and start looking at all those really neat sock patterns i’ve been “fave-ing” and choose one.  but, wait, how many stitches do you think i’ve knit on these dude socks already? - AND, that was the end of that.  i just stuck the stupid project back on the shelf and started working on the sweater.

here’s the next problem - that sweater pattern is CRAZY!  i mean, it’s totally normal and written well, and makes perfect sense, but my brain is apparently broken and i can’t seem to take what is being written and convert it into a garment.  somehow i got it stuck in my head that i should just be knitting along for 10”, then begin the sleeves. SO, i knit along for 10” and go back to the pattern to see how many stitches to cast on for the sleeves.  i must have been REALLY tired when i first read through because i swear it said nothing about 10” or starting sleeves at that point or anything.  APPARENTLY, i should have been doing decreases that whole time (whoops!) and it was something like 13 3/4” that i bound off on both sides - THEN started the sleeves?  crap.  i considered ripping out 7” of knitting to go back and do the decreases and decided there was no way in hell, so i did all 12 decreases on one row, then began knitting the back portion in 1x1 rib.  i figure it’ll give it some nice shaping (or i’ll rip it all out anyways).

now, if i can just make it through to the 13 & whatever inches, i’ll be fine.  phew!

here’s the scarfish/shawlish thing i just started

i really hate just knitting endlessly long whatevers… but this is keeping my interest and i think there are only like 66 stitches or something so even though it’s quite wide, it’s moving quickly.  

here’s a link to the pattern

alright.  back to that sweater… we’ll see what happens!  HA


stop judging me!

it was a photo thing...