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stop judging me!

HA!  yes, i know… it’s my second post today.  shush.

there were some great times to be had and i’d like to post them before they get lost in the mess of our photo files.

day 22 (hands) reject

hubs got this indiana last week from his friend, paul.  he says he’s got to represent??? i said if i got a tattoo of the state i was born in it would just be a rectangle (oh colorado…)

mae thought this was the funniest thing ever!  we noticed our little evil kitnievel snoozing in the window with his claw snagged on the curtain!  she couldn’t wait to show daddy the picture.

captian america wasn’t too sure what we were laughing at - but look at how big he is now!  he’s a 60lb monster pup!  remember when we first got him???  mae was just looking at that pic with me and said, “oh!  he looked so gorgeous!”  where does she come up with this stuff?

and since it was such a LOVELY day today, mae and i harvested the rest of the lettuce.  some was getting ready to bolt and it was time!

mmm dirty and buggy 

sorted and washed.  YUM

and no, i didn’t get much done on that sweater.  sue me ;) xo



click, pick, knit.

getting back to the knitty gritty