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the new best friend

any time hubs spends time with a new friend, he becomes the “best” according to mae.  not to say the others are demoted, but the new fella is added to the ranks.

chico was one of the BEST best friends and now that he lives so far away, we rarely see him.  in case the entire “chico situation” was passed by - he lived with us for two months and mae really bonded with him.  he was also our “chaperone”/driving buddy on our trip to florida.

another best friend is trevor who does almost all of hubs’ tattoos.  he and his woman just had a gorgeous little girl who i believe i’ve posted a picture of on here before.  he has introduced us to the “new” best friend, paul.  hubs is re-vamping paul’s bike so he’s been an honorary strangehower for a few months now.

we spent the day together at the road rockets rumble.

SO COOL!  mae and hubs looking stone cold and paul looking like… paul.

then we hit up the dairy queen and “the boys” met us there on the bikes.

mae and her fellas….

it's a test.

click, pick, knit.