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it's a test.

i swear it is!  let’s see if i can make it through a post in this room.  our room… large with nooks and cut outs and places for things like two closets and desks and a whole lot of laundry.  i’m not entirely sure what happened in here between last night and right now, but i’m certain there was some natural disaster i’ll be hearing about on the news later.  hubs is one of those desperately filthy people.  he is incapable of seeing the destruction around him so he tip toes around the mess and brushes it aside as needed without ever once thinking to put the items in their respective places… like the trash.  just to give an idea of how terrible the scene is right now, i could reach out and touch a used spoon, a red bull can, a chewed up hanger, a pile of his shirts that i WASHED but are now crumpled in a heap and covered in cat hair, a netflix envelope that has been artfully decorated by little miss and a snow globe.  complete disarray like this makes my mind glitch - i lose my train of thought and become very irritable - especially seeing clean clothes strewn about.  pet…. peeve….

but, mae is at the new neighbor’s house eating porkchops so i have a quiet moment alone and i refuse to let it slip by.

NOW, to move on to what i’m really here for.

the cardi in all it’s glory.

yes, yes, i know.  it’s a sweater and with july around the corner it may seem silly but WOW!  i’m done and it fits and i love it.  hubs loves it too.  that’s always a strange and wonderful surprise.  the main yarn was my own handspun undyed bfl & merino.  the top is, well, what ever i had laying around.  the brown is knit picks superwash but i can’t remember what the plum is.  it’s pretty though and that’s what counts.

in the end, i think i could have just left the decreasing for the row before the patterned portion began at the yoke and it would have been lovely.  it was a whole lot of hoopla over nothing.  i made some adjustments to the pattered area as well - obviously changing colors, but also shortening the sleeves a bit and omitting the blackberry stitch or bobble or what ever you’d like to call it.  i have ENOUGH happening around that part of my body without big lumps drawing more attention to the area!

i wore it around in the garden when i got home and the heat didn’t bother me a bit.  bliss can be a powerful air conditioner.

how many scarves

the new best friend