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he says i'm calm

and i am.  i’m comforted knowing i’m going to get all the errands done on my list TOMORROW instead of standing in a little art store on the corner of “where’s that at?” and “who is this?”

the girls and i took a trip to the fabric shop and loaded up.  first project on the list was a small quilt and pillow set to pack for sleepovers at the grandparent’s houses.  each girl chose a main fabric that they LOVED and mama helped pick the contrasting fabric…  i got the idea for these simple sure-let-the-kids-help quilts here.  isn’t it a great little instructable???  the pillows are just simple sqares, sewn and stuffed.  

mae wasn’t at all interested in cutting or pinning (or stuffing for that matter) but she DID want to help mama on the sewing machine.  she sat on my lap and helped guide the fabric through & was very pleased with the final product. :D

alizah was much more hands on - she had her hands working every step of the way.  i helped her guide the fabric through the sewing machine, but she worked the pedal.   when she floored it and nearly took in my finger (!) i sighed and said, “oh alizah, i do NOT look forward to the first day on the road with you!”  then i flung myself back and forth as if she was driving and we both had a giggle.

mae bird’s set:

alizah lucy’s set:

even though it might be 88 degrees in the house right now (with windows open and fans whirling) alizah has been curled up with her pillow and quilt for the past two hours.  i still need to press it and quilt it together (we’re thinking of hand tied points using embroidery floss).

we have big plans for tomorrow!  i can’t wait to share!!


the first day

when it's warm...