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stay happy.  stay cool.

rearrange the bedroom - again.

leave the laundry for tomorrow. 

always do the dishes.  always have a cup of coffee.

discover new things, bigger things, fuller things in the garden.

call hubs “sweetheart” more often - especially via text message.

keep giving.  recieving will come even if it’s in the next life.  what a rich life it will be.

listen to music.

let god be here.

take pictures of that sweater.

fall in love with my “ugliest” parts.

whisper for fun.

clean that litter box.

let the inspiration come.

go steadily.

leave happy.

moneymoneymoney… f word… silly thing.  it comes.  slowly and in it’s own time it comes.  we have the things we need and i’m heavily stocked in the fiber department so that my fingers don’t rust.  hubs is working hard and the chaos suits him.  he needs to be busy and needed and important because it keeps his mind working with purpose.  i’ve always been the steady, the net i guess and now i’m looking to him.  the new dynamic hasn’t been rough or messy.  not yet at least.  we pride ourselves on growing and changing together - parallel lines shifting and turning but always side by side.

i’m nearly half way through this sweater and though it’s moving along quickly enough, the lack of shaping is becoming a bore.  i’m sure once i get through the second side and onto the last sleeve i’ll be content.  i really need to finish up alizah’s slippers, too.  the second slipper is nearly finished - i just set it down and haven’t picked it back up.  they’re absolutely adorable though and she loves them. you can find more information on them here.

the patterns are coming along.  slowly. i still only have one completed… i think i went over this process before - it’s exhausting.  i have preliminaries done - first rounds knit.  it’s the editing that gets me!  i’ll worry about it later when my head stops pounding.  waking up with a headache is the pits.

seeing the garden pics below remind me how much changes is a week’s time.  i must grab the camera and bravely face the sweltering heat to take new garden pics!  we have kiwi-sized melons (finally) and me-sized corn and the radish beans were so big they pulled the plant to the ground!  i quickly picked the largest ones for the girls to take with them as a snack this morning.  

oh yes.  brave the heat.  run errands and eat.  xo




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