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birthday, bbq, repeat

so went our weekend.  no complaints but it was more birthday, birthday, bbq, bbq but whatever.

i kept my camera in my purse intent on documenting each occasion with ferocity and here i am… photo less.  i suppose it helps to REMOVE the camera from your bag - while there is still daylight.

first was one of alizah’s friends parties that we um… sort of missed.  we got there with 15 minutes remaining.  shit.  we felt terrible.  it was one of those parent fouls that we won’t soon live down.  then off to the east where one of my dear old friends was celebrating with loved ones.  of course, this is one of those times i should have taken the camera out… before dark.

it was funny watching the boys play corn hole in the dark with all the lights surrounding them like a baseball stadium.

we rarely see this group.  it’s sad really, but joe’s birthday is our annual reunion.  thank goodness for joe and his birth! HA!

hubs had to drop the chopper off with paul yesterday so we jumped at the chance to spend some much much MUCH needed time with more friends last night.  my liz.  lovely. lovely and wise.  she and i played catch-up on the porch drinking honey iced tea and rocking slowly while the boys played video games in the cold basement.  men and caves.  we swapped stories of our adventures and misadventures over the past couple months and she told me all about her tirp to denver.  she and i ride the same currents.  i never had a sister and as i’ve gotten older i’ve been increasingly jealous of those relationships.  liz on the other hand has oodles of sisters.  i’ve given myself up for adoption to her in that way.  i pretend that our italian lines cross somewhere as if it would lock in our bond.  i wish i had drug the camera out of the bag while we were together in our matching mossy green tops and charcoal bottoms.  silly girls.  

i worked this weekend, too.  out came the dyes.  finally!

i have a plan in the works and this was my first step  to initiation.  it feels good to finally have it done.  

joe and i talked briefly about our directions which i think is common for someone turning over another year.  he’s beautiful and brilliant but he lacks some key to professional happiness.  how alike we are in that way.  we pause i think.   i start on the path then pause to look around and forget which direction i was going. how does the saying go?  the moment you’re about to give up is the moment you’re about to have a breakthrough?  something like that.  that’s us.  quiet quitters.  i try to follow hubs and his drive to push forward and make something for himself.  he’s very strong that way. hubs can be my compass.  nathan due north. 

i’ve been working on the patterns but i need to just take a quiet day where i can focus wholy on the projects and plow through them. no pause!  no looking around!

dye olive!