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dye olive!

olive green, i hate you.  oh, and i love you because you’re complicated and hard for me to wrap my mind around so - i’ll keep you.

yep.  all of these lovely reds, golds, and browns produced by the same dye.  olive-freaking-GREEN.

my last post shows the ONLY green produced by the “green” dye under the jar picture.  i have yet to recreate that moment.  more practice is in store for me.  until i get just the right mixture to make that green sing i’m going to enjoy the rich hues it’s giving me now.

also, i knit up a 3 cornered hat - pattern by miss ez

it’s actually quite small… knit for maybe a 2T  i love it though and think it can be worn quite pirate-ish.  i think i need one in my size now!

mae quote of the day:

mae: “did those guys cut our basil?”

mom: “no, why?”

mae: “i know those guys did it last time!  when those jerk offs were homoing our lawn!”

they say it's your birthday!

birthday, bbq, repeat