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how many scarves

can i keep in the air?

well, i’ve joined some friends HERE and i’m not 100% confident in my list skills… but i’m gonna give it an honest effort!  the boy and i have also started another photo project for this month.  our photos can be found to the right - 31 days of photastic fun!  i also set up a fickr group for the ladies who expressed interest tonight since i don’t have the flexibility of unlimeted editors on here.  it’s a public group, and everyone is welcome, but since the boy and i sort of came up with it on a whim the other day it’s technically day 2 already… WHOOPS!

today was my last, last day at work.

now is the time to hatch.  roles are being traded and scuffled about.  metamorphosis in progress.  there’s a turning point straight ahead and we’ll all be more complete once we make it.



it's a test.