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they say it's your birthday!

my sweetie turned 34 today!  holy macaroni!  mae asked if daddy is old now.  darn skippy.  ;)

mae and i painted a poster for him & made this crown together.  it’s dry now, assembled, and ready for hubs to come home and WEAR it.  i’m wondering if i should made him wear it out tonight when we go to rent a movie…. mmm yes.

our morning was off to a rough start seeing how mama has been - not quite herself.  after nearly passing out at dinner last night and having to lay down in the car i’ve been pre-occupied with figuring out how NOT to lose consciousness.  plus, i haven’t been able to keep track of what day it is since early last week and it finally caught up with me.  i swore today was the 20th… shit.  hubs was not a happy fella.  i’ve never forgotten a birthday or anniversary or fathers day and i felt like a turd.  BUT, we’ll have a great night together for sure.

mae and i had a “from garden to plate” day.  everything we ate (minus the cereal and eggs) came straight out of the garden.  we have tons of green beans so i sauted some in a bit of butter & salted them.  i don’t know what made me want to prepare them that way, but boy were they delicious!  we couldn’t stop eating them… green bean french fries?  we also harvested some of mae’s corn!  i’ve never seen her so excited in my life.

she was BEAMING at what she had accomplished, and i have to say, her corn was SO SO SO good.  sweet and tender!  we didn’t have to dress it in any way, i just boiled it for a few minutes and nom nom nom

then we headed back out to see what other yummy things were waiting for us.  “potatoes” win!  mae absolutely loves tomatoes and i think i must only grow them for her.  no one else in the house eats a tomato like an apple or cries for them when they aren’t quite ripe yet.  slice, salt, eat.

we have three canaloupe that are nearly ripe.  i can’t WAIT for that garden to plate day.  oh, and those sunflowers… those driveway sunflowers.  i think they’re even more beautiful because they’re growing in the cracks of the concrete.

and what is this?  a sock?  yes, one of my feet is currently sweating in a wooly warm sock.

seriously.  i’m gonna love socks if it kills me.  i’ve casted on the other one and am pushing through the leg portion as to not loose momentum.  the finished one only took a day and a half… the second is always longer.  we’ll see how it goes.

pattern info here

wishing everyone a glorious… what day is it today? ;)


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