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alright.  i’m SO close to finishing my brown sweater - as in about 14 rows close but i’m too lazy to take a picture and it’s dark out now anyways and the dog has been barfing from eating MORE bread dough so… tomorrow.  i swear it.

i babysat again today and mae had the brilliant idea to play dough.  at our house, that means mix up flour and water and make REAL dough to play with - hence the dog eating it again.  he’s so stupid.  the boy thinks dogs just don’t remember what they ate that made them sick.  lord.  the girls had a splendid time though!

sticky hands!

and i’d like to announce sock completion!

i know…. whoopty doo.  people knit socks every day and don’t expect a round of applause.  i’m just not one of them.  now, boy?  carl?  are you out there?  knit some damn socks!

i squeezed in some spinning time the other night ta-boot.  i haven’t sat at the spinning wheel in ages.  it felt good.  100% bfl - 4oz of it.  then i kettle dyed it (or half of it) and now that it’s dry i’ve knit up the sweetest little self striping swatch i’ve ever laid my eyes on.  the yarn is spun single ply worsted in DK weight for those who care about such details.

what to knit? i’ve got about 250 yards here. i’m sure it’ll come to me but i’m open to suggestions, too.

i’d also like to point out (while i’m here) that i have FINALLY caught up with all the “extra” blog duties.  my 31 days of photastic fun has finally been updated and my 31 days of lists.  my butt fell asleep on that one. yikes! now, i think i’ll make my way downstairs to see what all the fuss is about.  hubs finally got one of those nerd headset things for online gaming.  need i say more?  didn’t think so.


cuff to cuff completion!

they say it's your birthday!