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another “first day” of staying home and hopefully it’s going to stick this time!

mae and i started the day off with some quill cutting.  my mother had given me this giant goose feather she found months (if not years) ago and i told mae we could write with it.  i had learned a little bit about quill cutting from the ladies of the calligraphy guild who would meet at the shop, but i’d never tried my hand at it.  i think we did a great job!  i just used a very sharp knife to slice the quill at an angle and TA-DA!  instant writing utencil!

mae spent an hour drawing and writing and learning how to dip her “pen” just so while mama worked on our new kiddie gallery.  i’ll take pics of it tomorrow in the daylight and post.

i got a ton of “decompressing” done.  that’s what i’m going to call it from now on i think.  i’m sick of the word “clutter” and really, the massive accumulation FEELS like it’s weighing down on me so… if the shoe fits.  i cleaned out the kid’s toy closet and both toy boxes.  their bedroom is next.  their room honestly doesn’t have much in it in the way of toys, but i think ALL toys need to be downstairs where they can be monitored and accounted for.  what really, really, really gets me are those toys that the kids get for the holidays that come with three hundred thousand pieces and after they’re played with once, the appeal is gone.  then mama is left collecting bits from under the couch and out from drawers and the cracks of couches.  done.  it’s all done and packed and ready for donation.

mae’s sweater is SO close to completion, too!  i’ve been absolutely terrible about documenting this one.  pics coming soon.  i swear it.

we also had a no tv/ movies day and i think it was about 3pm before mae noticed.  she was sitting ON her play table (which is the new fun thing) painting and suddenly asked, “why it’s so quiet?”  that was all.  about a half hour later she was feeling sleepy and wanted to watch some tv.  i agreed.  she layed quietly on the couch for a little rest, then was up and playing again with no interest in whatever show was on.

so, hubs came home late in the afternoon and was famished.  we whipped up a SUPER delicious meal - totally vegetarian friendly, too.

it was a fast use-what-‘cha-got kind of meal and the fastest thing i could think of for my poor starving man were tacos!  i had no taco meat, but i did have a can of black beans, yellow rice, salsa verde, cheese, and jalapenos from the garden.  i dashed out to the garden and picked the largest green tomatoes i could find and fried them up.  i’d never made them  let alone TRIED them before so i knew i was really taking a chance there, but they were delicious.  even my tomato-hating husband ate them up.  mae loved them, too.  she was stuffing her little face with slice after slice.  now i’m thinking i could make a similar breading and fry some of the giant bush beans i have growing… hmmmm

later, mae went off to nana’s for the night and hubs and i headed to our friend’s birthday party/4th of july bash.  our old friend jay was there so i decided to capture the moment.

oh the man love.  jay is the dude who won the biker build off back in 2006 - hubs painted the bike.  we were up many nights until dawn at jay’s shop during the last leg of my pregnancy with mae and the night the film crew left (1:08am to be exact) my water broke.  he was there for mae’s birth and we haven’t seen much of him since.  it was a lovely surprise.  

i don’t believe i’ve ever shared her birth story in this space.  it’s a fine one indeed.  maybe another time.


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