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green things

some pics from around the garden…. our corn is MORE than knee high!  it’s more like waist high actually, and our broccoli is budding, radish beans are forming, cantaloupe is blooming, and tomatoes are yellowing.  all of the herbs are doing great since the strawberries took the brunt of the japanese beetle destruction this year.  they’re mostly attacking the leaves so the berries are fine and i’m sure they’ll rebound.  our strawberries are tough! 

here’s a pic of today’s little harvest:

bush beans, chamomile, and radish beans.

we’re getting a large handful of chamomile each day (from the plants i did NOT plant) but this is the first round of beans.  

here’s the progress so far on mae’s sweater:

i’m grafting the shoulders by pulling out the bind off edge to reveal live stitches and using the grafting stitch rather than just sewing them.  it’s turning out quite well!  i have one side entirely seamed so i’ll buckle down and try getting the other side done tomorrow.  then all that’s left is the collar which should be a breeze.  here’s a link to the pattern page.

we ended our day with a bbq at a friend’s house.  in fact, they were the first people we met when we moved to indy because the husband and my dad worked together.  now their oldest son and my alizah are not only in the same grade, at the same school, but also have the same teacher next year!  it’s funny the way things work out sometimes…

mae showing off her little back (LOVE) and wearing her lovely dress nana brought back from mexico last year, hubs and mae having a cuddle on HER quilt & watching fireworks, my mama and me <3

have a very safe 4th, all!