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the answer

remember this post?

i was longing for crisp air and open windows.  i wanted so badly to wear my freshly knit sweaters and sip tea…  i mean it’s august.  what could i have been thinking???  

ask and you shall receive.

in my felted slippers and hand knits i sit.  a cool breeze caresses our cheeks - mae is curled up next to me and i sip quietly.

it seems like a miracle.  the right kind of miracle.  would i enjoy having a winning lottery ticket appear in my pocket?  sure!  would it solve all my problems.  no.  not one.  the miracle of existing is usually enough for me.  if you believe in big bang, then you believe that all things are made up of stardust.  i think that’s as romantic and powerful as any explanation given by religion.

we slept with the windows open last night and the fresh air filling our lungs granted us restless sleep unmatched by any other aid.

we’ve watched a seed become a sprout, become a plant, become a flower, become fruit, become a seed again, and learned to savor each bite we take.

we’ve had $30 in our account and wondered how we’d eat that week, then take in an entire family staying at a shelter, share with them every crumb and drop we had, and live to tell about it.

we’ve smiled through tears and cried through our laughter.

i honestly believe if you’re waiting for something miraculous to ring your doorbell, it’s because you haven’t heard the miracles knocking all along.

back on the wheel!

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