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spin, dye, ply, tra-lalalala

lemonish + ecru = corn i’d say.  the ecru is well, ecru dye rather than undyed fancying itself as such.  

this was yesterday’s yarn.  i was thinking about naming it “sunday morning” and it seems fitting.

today was a complicated melody.  purple rain maybe?  how about wild berry skittles?  

these pictures are so deceptive!  the yarn looks so thick and bulky when really this blue is easily dk & the yellow sport.  i should work on my photography skills i suppose.  they’re both 100% merino and deliciously soft.

the gray anklets in the SUN!  much cuter than those gross pictures from the other night.  the other anklets are finished, too.

i’m really liking the look of these.  they’re slouchy and cool… too bad i only have a wimpy ball of this yarn left.  i spun it from some pre-dyed corriedale that i’m pretty sure i’m out of now.  oh well.  these were worth it!  

i’m considering posting a free pattern of these anklets but only considering for now.  poor mama is having a harder time adjusting to the school schedule than the kid!  at least mae was more than cooperative in the footsie photo shoot today.  wow.  i’m looking at the above picture and realizing she has my mother’s feet for sure.  HA

so, speaking of my mama… she stopped by the house over the weekend and dropped of a BUCKET of blackberries.  i mean, it’s one of those giant icecream buckets!  crazy.  someone gifted them to her so she gifted them to me because she’s a terribly busy woman with no means to wrangle such a mass of berries.  the girls and i tried our hand at jamming.  canning?  no.  i like jamming better. or smashing and splattering, plopping and glopping.

we got 8 jars out of only half the bucket.  the girls and i are SO excited to see how it turns out!!! i’ll post a review of course - even if it’s a complete disaster!   and of course, mama came by during one of her impromptu visits today and snatched up two jars just like that.  

oh!  i nearly forgot.  i knit a swatch of cupcake…

mmmm 5sts/inch on US6 needles and so so so soft.

this is the problem with spinning yarn and being a knitter.  i always think i should sell it or gift it to my fiber loving friends but i really just want to knit it all!  such a selfish girl.  bad!

well, i think that’s all for now.  i have a pile of dishes waiting for me and little girls to tuck in for the night.


headaches = broken

back on the wheel!