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headaches = broken

wake up.  head pounding.  drag kids by ankles.  off to school.  home.  bed.  noon?  crap.

i’ve decided to do nothing productive today but goof around online and knit.  i will NOT be cleaning or cooking real meals or doing any of this laundry.  so there.

i’ve been checking out new patterns on ravelry as always but haven’t had it in me to post my links (which is one of my favorite things to do by the way) because there was this long stretch of “what the smack?”  i’m not one to point out the questionable patterns so i did what mama always said and kept my mouth shut with nothing nice to say.  i know there are only four links here, but i think they’re all pretty smashing.  enjoy.

lace blouse


toddler cobbler


and for all my other fun online finds, you can always check out my pinterest.  linky link on the right column. xo

2 carls 1 day

spin, dye, ply, tra-lalalala