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2 carls 1 day

if you’ve been coming around here for a while you know this: i adore our carls.

my carl (also known as “the boy”) picked me up from hubbie’s booth at the pop dryer run and whisked me off to the fiber wonderland that is mass ave knits.  you can see the yarn he purchased there in his hand.  i’ll let him share more about that in his corner of this space.  sadly, no yarn for me.  BUT,  it was a delightful break from the heat and i’ve been missing him terribly.

then hubbie’s carl came by with the ardcore gang to pick up two of their bikes.  i couldn’t believe i was getting to see both carls in one day!  it was magical.  oh, and never mind those 90’s bangs.  the humidity does absolutely horrifying things to my hair.

awe!  check out hubs and his new look!  oh how i missed my clean-shaven man.  he’s been sporting that god awful goatee for far too long.

i was happily knitting the day away while sitting at hubbie’s side helping “man” the booth - though i made it quite clear i was there for eye candy purposes only and would NOT be engaging in much conversation.  an amazing thing happened though while is sat and stitched away.  women began flocking.  smiles from across the lot were coming my way and i ended up getting to spend much of my time waxing fiber.  one was a new-ish knitter and was asking my advice about a pattern she was confussed about.  another told me about the prayer shawls she’s made.  we touched on spinning and dyeing, gardening, kids… it was perfection.

i’m hoarding my knitting project pics for now because they’re all going to be unveiled in the lucy & the bird shop re-opening, but this one i’ll share:

this is two days worth of work an alizah’s sweater.  she is SO excited for it to be finished.  honestly, i am too.  i think it’s going to be DARLING.  the pattern is actually THIS just modified for a 10 yr old if you can believe it.  i finished my first chevron quilt, too.  just a little mini one.  mae thought it would be a good idea to give it to baby lil (our friend trevor’s babe who i can never seem to get a good picture of!)so, that’s just what we did.  she LOVED it.

happy weekend all! xo

etsy, again.

headaches = broken