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just call us "kid people"

little teeny.  i’ve never set eyes on a child with platinum hair like hers.

we had the pleasure of entertaining teeners & her brother colton last night while their mama was out.  remember this?  well, no puking this time!  oh, except for the dog who got into the cous cous but we’re getting awfully used to that sort of thing around here.  they were with us until about 10pm and after baths and jammies little miss decided she was NOT going home with her mama.  she was going to stay at our house - maybe forever.

and my poor sweet alizah.  it’s not easy being a pre-teen girl especially with a mother like hers.  she was going through her vocabulary words and asked if she could get on the computer to look up definitions.  with assignment sheet in hand she pointed out that she’s supposed to either google the words or look them up in the dictionary.  well, google has made things so very easy and accessible so i decided we’d take the dictionary route instead.  i went over to my bookshelf where i keep all my old grim brothers tales, home maker guides from the 1800’s, all things art and culture, and of course, dictionaries.  i pulled this beauty out from under new world astrology, atlas of pelvic surgery, and a hefty stack of fine art books.  it’s thick and smelly and the text is something horrifying like 8 point font, but in she dove searching out definitions.  we had all gone outside to leave her to her studies and i heard the garage door pop open.  “mom!  what the heck?  there are like, a hundred definitions for the word “tone”!”  …and this is why i forced her to crack open the beast.  i found a strange pleasure in sitting with her while she counted out the letters as if she was re-learning the alphabet.  they just don’t teach kids the way they used to.  i know i’m not suited to be a home schooling mother but i can still drop in my lessons and enrich their little minds.

hubs was teaching the little ones the fine art of skateboarding and colton really picked it up quickly!  they were all riding alizah’s skateboard until she was done with her homework.  then she came out and showed them how it’s done!  i commented on how good she’s getting and hubs replied in his most humble tone, “well, she had a pretty good teacher.”  tee hee.  darn right hubs.  you rock our socks.

we also had the pleasure of playing with lila and her mama.  mae was so excited about meeting her “new” friend that she decided to wear her flashiest eye makeup.  it actually made me think of this amazing bloggy lady who was going through a very red phase a while back.  mae loves some red! mae and lila used to play together all the time when they were just babes, but she had no memory of this so we just started from scratch.  i showed her pics of the new friend the night before our play date from her mama’s blog.  she had asked what her new friend looked like and i could really only describe her as looking a lot like mae!  i had to show her just to prove i hadn’t lost my marbles.  i said, “your looks aren’t the only thing you girls have in common!  her name is lila pearl!”  that sealed the deal for my little maela pearl.  they were destined to be best friends.


mucca pazza

etsy, again.