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mucca pazza

to begin, i’d like to direct all knitting folks to the yarn harlot blog - this post in particular.

i’ve been following her misadventures knitting this blanket and to see it finished - and the sheer size of it - and her note to the recipient… it actually brought tears to my eyes.  only a knitter can undertand this post.

ok.  so, i’m really too busy to knit or spin or dye or sew and ya know?  it’s perfect that way sometimes.  today mae wore a dress i made for her about a week or so ago and she looked darling!  we had an important event to attend this afternoon.  do you know mucca pazza?  no?  oh.  well, go here and find out when they’re coming to a town near you, then go.  this was the second time they came to our down town library (which i seem to post a lot about because it’s the coolest freaking library ever).

this year there was a MUCH larger turn out.  the show started out in the east garden, then traveled around the building parade-style and into the old library.  it then continued into the atrium.  that’s where it got a little chaotic!

the fabulous mare and her fam was there - in fact, WE wouldn’t have been there without her!  thank goodness she thought to call me this afternoon to remind me.  YIKES!

hubs and mae headed up a couple floors to get a better shot of the action.  he got a great video from there, too.  it’s posted below.

then the show moved on once again into the theater. freaking amazing.  again, vids below.

make sure to check out the kid in the yellow shirt in this video!  he’s getting down.

whistling + mega phone.  bad ass.

bread for elizabeth

just call us "kid people"