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where did he come from, where did he go?

a title for carl.  my carl.

we spent a lot of time with hubs’ carl, this weekend.  i like that we each have one.  every one should have a carl.  really.

it was nice to be unplugged from web life for a few days and didn’t miss it for a minute.  a group of us got together and drove down to nashville, in for the hotrods ‘n’ hillbillies show.

i love this pic jen took on the way out of indy.  and no, it’s no panoramic shot.  it’s the view from julie’s tiny back window and i love it.

carl and those freaking apes.  lord.  he kept a keen eye on me the entire way back from nashville per hubs request.  good friend.  good carl. 

i thought giving us all name tags would be funny.  not everyone is in the pic though.  very sad. and they’re terribly hard to read all shrunk down… oh well. 

paul.  always ready for a photo op!

hubs was on camera duty for the nashville trip and of course, he took a couple pics of the bikes and that was all.  i don’t think a single one of us got the camera out once we were there!  i’m making a resolution to become a better documenter during social excursions… starting tomorrow.

so, motorcycles ruled our saturday and sleep ruled our sunday.  sunday evening we all decided to get out of our pj’s and head across town to holiday park.  it was a very wise decision.

what a group we are.  all of us.  

alizah got home from her tennessee trip yesterday and after being squeezed and kissed and patted half to death, mae made some off the wall comment and alizah sighed, “it’s good to be home.”

we spent the entire day swimming with her grandmother today, we have play dates set up for tomorrow, and we’re shooting for another roller skating thursday this week.  we found this tiny rink off the main road in avon thanks to some dear friends of ours and we’re now completely addicted.  we’ve never seen the place busy which is nice because hubs and i can skate side by side doing the thriller dance and only about 20 other people are there to be embarrassed for us.  well, beside our children.  

we’re going to enjoy the hell out of this dwindling summer.  we’re going to sniff our cantaloupes every day until they smell sweet, we’re going to hunt tomato worms, have slumber parties, eat lots of ice cream and blueberries, sweat, and clean, and sweep out the last nooks and crannies before it’s time to settle in and buckle down for another school year and the colder weather that’s sure to come our way.

getting it done.