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cash came for a visit.

way back when i posted about mae and her um, unique little personality.

who knows where it is… back there lost in the archives.  one thing about our little lady that you should know is that she is a vampire.  she’s very clear about this and will go into detail about changing into a bat and which friends are vampires, too.  i know what you’re thinking and no, she doesn’t watch twilight! HA

so, yesterday alizah and i snuck off to school and let mae sleep in.  when i got home i got quite a bit of work done before mae finally got up.  she said she heard the door and thought it was alizah.  nope, sorry girlie.  we went on about our day, picked up the girls from school, ate dinner… after the girls had gone to bed hubs and i went our separate ways - me to the computer, him to his game.  at about 1 am he started calling for me to come downstairs.  i finally made my way down the steps but stopped at the landing because there he was - just standing there with his game controller in his hand staring at the ceiling.  i crouched down to see what he was looking at when something swooshed past me.  i jumped backwards and fell up the stairs scrambling toward the safety of my bedroom like a lost girl in a horror movie.

i made my way to my room and kneeled in the doorway as it flew through the hallway - back and forth - and all i could see was the girl’s room.  door open.  vulnerable.  nope.  i could NOT gather the strength to dart into the hall and shut it.  finally everything was calm and hubs came up to see where it had gone.  this is the rest of the story (don’t mind my messy bathroom!) : this film is rated pg13 for hub’s terrible language.  f-bomb central.

so, we left it there.  it’s missing again.

i showed the girls the video this morning on the way to school and mae was certain it was a sea creature.  when she finally realized it was a bat she was so excited! she was also a little concerned though and wanted to know why it didn’t melt when we turned on the lights.   then, suddenly it all made sense to her.  she said it was cash (one of her friends she swears is also a vampire & mare’s oldest boy) and that yesterday morning when she heard the door and thought it was alizah - it was really cash sneaking in.  she said the bat is gone now because he just turned into his regular self and opened the door.  well, mystery solved.

rewind. stop. play.

(not just) for heather