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broke.  i mean, broke. that’s the name of the game in the business hubs is in.  feast or famine.  

so, the boy had a chat with his father and i got the call this afternoon.  friday and saturday?  for at least a year?  um, ok.  working two days a week shouldn’t be oh so terribly bad.  i know that store backwards and forwards so there aren’t any new job jitters - and i figure i’ll get the fun diana rather than the day in and day out - oh my gosh i’ll blow my face off, i swear it! - diana.  she’s delightful and sweet and the funniest woman over 65 i’ve ever met but… PHEW!  it can get exhausting.  the other good news is … dun dunna dun!  i won’t be mini boss any more!  angry customer?  manager!  love it.  unfortunately, my saturdays have once again been devoured.  shit.  i’ll get over it.  i’ll bear it.  it’ll be fine.

i’m also babysitting miss v now on a regular basis.  she’ll eat up a couple days during the week - and hubs even offered to watch her fridays when i’m at work since he’ll be on kid duty anyways.  i’m sure he’ll do great, but he leans toward the barking rather than the communicating when it comes to rascally tots.

enjoy my kitties.

aren’t they darling?

the boy should be ooh-ing and ahh-ing right about now.

knitting has come to a grinding hault right in the middle of the cutest striped mittens, BUT i did work a bit on a new design for some bloom-ish pants.  mae is actually wearing them in the bat capture video below (not that you could tell with all the screaming and running around going on) - so, i feel like that was a step in the right direction.  i have some kinks to work out but it should be smooth sailing from here and i’ll be posting them in the shop soon enough.  i also started working on some baby gifts for our GREAT nephew due this winter.  i really might as well be a grandmother!  HA  i got out the old crochet hook and whipped up some sweet little one cotton scrubbies for bath time.  mae was giving me a very strange look from across the living room while i hooked.  i asked what was wrong and she said, “what are you doing with that thing!?” i’ve created a knitty monster!

anywhooz, i’m gonna have to dig deep in that stash of mine for some acrylic somethings because i just think it’s too risky gifting this little man any woolies.  even the most thoughtful and wooly conscious folks can slip up…

so, back on the etsy train and my little things have been featured in a boat load of treasuries.  check ‘em out if you’re so inclined.  i like to give lots of yummy feedback to keep morale up!  

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now, sleep. xo

ravelry link day!

cash came for a visit.