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getting it done.

all of it.

roller skating

knitting/play dating


garden to table eating

hand chopped pesto from garden basil, garden toms, garden cantaloupe - first of the year!

i had a nightmare about tomato worms last night, too.  eck! i’ve tidied and swept, oh.  and i’ve been working working working!

i have a vision and a goal and i’m plugging away towards it.  the plan is to re-open my etsy by september and i think i’m well on my way to a nice selection of items.  i’ve decided to create more of a “line” than just a random assortment of knitwear/accessories.  i’ll post more about that when i’m closer to the grand re-opening. HA!

i need to call upon my mare!  we need some pics of the duds and i think gracie girl is the chick. 

i’ve also begun assembling tea bags (one of my favorite things about fall - windows open letting in the crisp air and sipping tea from plants harvested and dried only weeks before)  

i think i’m ready for that.  last night after the roller skating and coming home late once again, i fell asleep on the couch while watching tosh.o on my cell phone.  ya, i was that tired. and when hubs woke me up, gathered my glasses and phone, and led me up the stairs i thought, “i’m done.” i’m not saying i don’t love the summers - for all that summers bring us, but i’m so tired of going, going, going and being up so late because the sun tells me to be, and of waiting to wear my new sweaters and anklets, and waiting to get my dingy brown boots back out.  all that said, i know that when the air is biting at our noses and i look over at my dead and dreary garden bed i’ll long for the hot, humid air and sun once again.  maybe i am a season loving girl after all.

the one thing i DO hate about fall is school beginning.  i hate school.  seriously.  i hate dragging alizah out of bed and trying not to get plowed down by the suv driving psycho moms while dropping her off.  i hate how rigid our schedule becomes with dad’s dinner night and making sure we have our every-other-weekends figured out, and the ass backwards way they teach kids these days - you know, so that parents can hardly help with homework because they’ve taught the children to use an f-ing number line to multiply like learning times tables isn’t politically correct any more or something.  but this is going to be an exciting year, too!  our girl is in the “multi-age” class meaning it’s a combined 5th & 6th grade class.  i’m very eager to see what this is about and how it can benifit her.  i’m also a little concerned about how it’s going to impact her actual 6th grade year.  she’s nervous.  she swore she was going to be the only 5th grader, now she relizes she may just be the only 5th grade girl!  yikes!  i’m sure she’ll be fine.  i mean, she’s fabulous.


coming and going

where did he come from, where did he go?