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coming and going

it was a steady flow today.  

the taylor girls (well, two of them) stayed the night last night making it a matched 4 in the house.  i didn’t mind it in the least - the girls each had a friend their age to play their age games with and all was calm in the house until early afternoon.  mae is often the um… police around here.  she makes sure everyone knows what IS and what is NOT allowed in our home.  you will often hear her holler, “you better not do that!  we don’t play with (insert toy) on (insert furniture).  do you want the dog to eat it?” ahem.  i couldn’t imagine where she would come up with such things.  i don’t see myself as the bossy dictator rather, i guide the children into making educated decisions by presenting all possible outcomes. or, at least that’s how i hear it coming out of my mouth.  perception is reality, no?  anyways, back to the issue at hand.  mae’s little friend found herself at the brink of tears a few times during the course of the afternoon.  mae - being four - has not learned the delicate art of tact and often comes off abrasive and rude.  of course, i was there with comforting words, cuddles, and back rubs to soothe the little friend while mae was sent off until she could play nicely and respectfully.

my lovely friend laura stopped by in the midst of the girl fight with her two little ones.  her son was the only boy in a sea of women and he loved it.  he’s always been a charmer and i’m quite sure he’ll be dashing when he grows up.  he’s the tallest four-year-old i’ve ever laid eyes on with piercing blue eyes and platinum hair.  his sister is the tiny girl version of him - but mean as a dickens like all pretty girls.  i love her.  i’d keep her, i would!

then in came mama with cards from gram and a thick envelope stuffed with coupons.  laura commented on my mother’s impromptu visits.  how lucky i am.  she rarely shows up announced, she just drives by (a mere stoplight out of her way) to see if our cars are outside or if the garage is open, then she knows we’re accepting visitors.  it’s always a happy surprise to see her big truck pull in - the girls and the dog all run around in circles squealing.  what a group.  she warned that she’d be raiding my garden for the giant delicious looking cantaloupe spilling out in every direction, then she and laura both said their goodbyes and left to contemplate dinner.

another knock at the door.  hello neighbor!  she dropped of a cd for hubs.  she’s a new neighbor - and a real keeper.  she’s friendly and kind, and watches me stare at my garden from her window without judging me.  she was just in time for from scratch biscuits that i had pulled out of the oven.  good timing neighbor.  let’s chat and i’ll write out the recipe for you and we can talk about some serious issues, too.

hubs came home just long enough to gather up the taylor girls and all of their goods, chomp down a biscuit, then he and mae took the girls home.

another knock at the door.  sleep over friend round two!  whit is our other daughter.  our story is funny and strange and i enjoy telling it so… this is how it goes.  back in 2000 i began working at a bakery.  i met a beautiful, strong, confident woman with pixie short hair and tattoos so of course, i loved her immediately.  i found out i was pregnant with alizah soon after.  she and her man (the tortured rocker) had this angelic ten month old child who never said a word as far as i knew, and had soft blue eyes the size of dinner plates.  the first time they dropped her off for me to babysit they said, “what does a sheep say?”  i looked down at her expectantly and she slowly turned those giant eyes toward me then, “BAAAA!”  it was such a loud BAA it startled me and i took a step back.  i should have known then… time past and i moved back near my mother, they all moved way far north and we only saw each other a couple times over the years until one fateful day when alizah was walking down the hall at school - first grade i think it was.  an unfamiliar voice was calling, “alizah!  alizah sage!” and there they were.  whit and her mama.  whit and alizah ending up at the same tiny school on the outskirts of town is insanely improbable, but there they were.  the girls barely remembered each other at the time but her mama spotted alizah in an instant.  we’re sure they’re meant to be together.  the aquarius and pisces following the same current harmoniously.

sometimes i long for knocks at the door and surprise visitors.  today i got it all.  friends and neighbors and family all in one big scoop.  i’m happy.  like a prayer being answered.  a house full of children running and laughing and sleeping on the couch and drinking up all of my milk also made me happy.  there were no severe altercations, no major messes left for me to clean, just one minor vomit-ish episode between laura and her devilish little girl.  laura had just finished telling us about the little one eating something off the floor at a restaurant and - a little puke like a hiccup onto her lap.  laura jumped up horrified and mae said, “what do you suspect?  you said she ate that nasty food off the floor!”  smart girl!  she’s a connection maker like her mama.

oh yes.  and once all the guests moved on and we settled in with the three little girls we were going to have for the night, i pulled out my anklets and decided it was time to wrap it up.  i hate taking pics after dark under our soft lights, but here they are.  just imagine them much more vibrant and edit in some skinny jeans over my honkey white legs!

i’ll take some acceptable photos soon.  not tomorrow though because tomorrow we’re taking the three little girls to the fair and i’ll be in a fried pickle coma by dusk. mmm


the last day

getting it done.