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the last day

school starts tomorrow so we enjoyed the mild weather the best way we knew how.

fried strawberries

fried banana = most delicious thing ever!

 fried pickles.  duh

hubs and that nasty doughnut burger - with bacon and cheese ta-boot!

whit and her funnel cake.  classic.

chillin’ under a fan

bird’s eye view of the calves

the crew

time for rides!  mae was sporting the pants i finished for her last night.  total cuteness.

brave little girl!

wee piggies

sassy little weirdos.

the above pics may make it seem as though we do/will cook with soy, but we don’t/won’t.  it’s better if i just don’t talk about it, really, but it was the theme of the fair this year.  another interesting fair feature were the animal surgeries/dissections done live.  fluffy puppy, cat, pig, exit stage left.

we left just as it began sprinkling.  this is what happened between reaching the parking lot and getting in the car:

good downpour.  we were all soaked, and seeing hubs carrying mae like a baby while running through the stabbing drops struck me funny.  i was laughing so hard i couldn’t keep up!  alizah (my empathetic child) turned and saw me falling behind.  she glanced at whit, then back at me and threw caution to the wind abandoning her friend.  she was running toward me screaming, “mommy! are you ok!!? mommy!” silly child!  mommy is only having a hysterical giggle fit.  i yelled back, “it’s just water!  water, alizah!”  it could have been a scene in a war movie.  no man left behind.  or, woman running in flipflops while carrying a giant bag, two huge drinks, and a certain four yr old’s shoes.

hello whit’s fish, safe and sound in the car.

of course, while there i visited with the spinning guild and of course, hubs and one of the spinner’s hubs hit it off and started chatting about this restoration shop and that restoration shop and “oh, i know bill!”  that’s how he rolls. hubs may not look like the most inviting or friendly man but really, he is.  he’s the one chatting up the elderly women in wheel chairs sipping on milkshakes.  if you know someone, he probably knows them too.  he coos over the squishy babies going by in strollers and sneaks a wave to the wide eyed tots on the rides.  he can tell by the look on my face that i don’t feel well even when i say i do and he forces me to sit down and eat.  sit in the shade, have some tea, we’re in no hurry!  his caring and tender nature is one of his most endearing qualities.  he’s also the stern one and the one to loose his temper the quickest out of our bunch but, he’s a complex creature.  that’s how he’s kept my interest all these years. (did i mention our sixth anniversary will be upon us???)

how did i get so side-tracked gushing about my honey? hmmm

back to the spinners!  i explained that i had recently begun spinning and told the woman what wheel i have and that i’ve been spinning worsted but that i desperately wanted to learn how to prepare fiber.  she offered to give me wool that she had about 15lbs excess of.  why, how could i say no!?  she gave me her card and a very quick lesson on combing… then asked me to call her and come up to her studio for a visit.  why yes, i think i’ll do that.  hubs always teases me that i’m a pioneer woman (living in a decent sized city and relying entirely too much on electronics but… comparatively speaking…)

good day.  alarms set for tomorrow (and i’m sure outfits are picked out and neatly arranged, too.)



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