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a dab will do ya.

carve, carve, carve… i’m working on another project for mare’s mom and i decided to carve a block rather than draw lots of little mason jars.  i usually like the looks of the block more than the prints!  i’m having a hell of a time typing this with my fingers all wrapped so i’ll keep it brief.  yes.  i gotta gouge my hands up a bit.  the blood adds flavor!  

for the knitty bits, this is about it in the way of stuff on the needles AND getting attention.  babysitting a lot this week and it is keeping my work at a snail’s pace.  hopefully our knitting group tonight will kick start me!  oh, and my mother-in-law is joining us (squeal!) so let’s see if we can’t kick start her while we’re at it!


ravelry link time!

rainy monday