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frog. and not the amphibious kind.

it happens.  every knitter knows the power of the frog… or the devastation as it can sometimes be.  today i frogged after hours, days rather, of searching for a solution that would never be found because when a cast on edge is wrong, it’s wrong.  screw it.  i ripped it all out at work and (thankfully) mare was on her way with my new eyes so i didn’t have to cry into my knitting bag.  she was wearing her short row sweater(!!!) and it looked absolutely fantastic!  don’t ask me why she hasn’t posted proper pics of it to the ravelry page (geez).  oh ya, my new eyes!

HA!  mare’s hubby hooked it up.  they’re really quite fantastic people to have in your corner.  now, i see - in 3D and it’s hard to believe i was looking at the world the way i was for so long - flat and blurred.  hmmm.  interesting.

any ways, it was a good week despite a completely failed pattern writing adventure.  a really spectactularly fantastic week now that i look back on it (with my new 3D hindsight).  my needlework wasn’t a total bust… i did manage to whip up this sweater.  yes, i said whip up as it only took about 3 days and with no actual pattern holding me down the stitches magically created this recycled yarn into the perfect little pull-over.  i think the wine helped.  

my two favorite moments of the week:

i totally have this thing for glass milk bottles and i’m sort of violently jealous that my mother’s fresh herbs are growing so prolifically right now on her kitchen counter.  what the smack is that about?  i’m eternally thankful for bunches of these herbs she hands out every time i leave the house like parting gifts.  i also really enjoyed looking down at that enormous ball of yarn.  isn’t it divine?  it was to become a hooded cropped jacket.  it’s now back to being a ball of yarn (or two).  blast.  oh, it’s cascade bulky economy or something… 450+ yards a hank.  pretty nifty i’d say.

my two favorite mae moments of the week:

the girl ringing us up couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw mae sipping on that jungle juice.  she was at the register i worked a whopping 14 years ago.  wow.  that just made me throw up a little.  moving on.  mae also loves to take shots of wheat grass.  this kid.  she’s a complicated melody.  oh, and that snuggle sandwich?  ya, i know.

it snowed a little, too.  and it’s COLD.  we’ve been dodging winter with 40-50 degree weather and it finally caught up to us.  i picked alizah up from school the other day and when we came home mae was shoveling the lawn into her sled.  she calls it a sleigh and i’m never going to correct her.  the kids are ready for the serious white stuff and i’ll admit it sounds ok to me right now.  most things are sounding ok and i’m finding myself more optimistic than usual.  hubs starts his new job on the 23rd, he’s almost completely off the cigs, i’ll be quitting my job (again), and i may get the opportunity to teach a knitting class this summer.  let’s knock on wood and say, once again, thank you.  more please.

where did i go? & millie pattern tester call-out!

thank you, more please.