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where did i go? & millie pattern tester call-out!

busy days and they’re about to get busier.  i’m glad for it but i’m going through one of those phases of feeling i’m getting too little done.  i suppose that is part of the flow of things.  i’ll just sit here and be thankful to have such a busy mind and let my hands do what they can with it.

i’ve been meaning to post pics from our play date at mare’s where she laid down some photo magic!


what a blessing it is to have such talented friends.  have i said that before?  pardon me for repeating myself.  i still need pattern testers for millie, so LET ME KNOW IF YOU’RE INTERESTED!  it’ll be written and ready to go by the middle of the week.  i have so many patterns swarming around in my head and honestly, making them a reality is the easy part.  i really hate pattern writing.  getting that pen to paper or fingertip to key is just torture.  my apologies to heather because i swear i started writing out the little prairie shawl pattern and then just… stopped.  what the heck?  i’ll get it done.  it sometimes takes me an awful long time to push past the invisible walls.

time time time.  it sucks.  i’m not liking it much at all right now.  hubs got his new job - he starts monday and i put in my notice at work (again) so in theory, i should have MORE time but it rarely works out that way.  hubs will be working six days a week which means if i need a night off i’ll be calling upon the grandparents.  this is a tricky thing to do.  for once in my life i feel like i could benefit from sitting around a knit shop with perfect strangers and doing work.  just work!  not stopping for the 200th time because someone is hungry or the dog needs to go out or come in or the tv is doing something weird or she is being mean and that’s your lip gloss and if i hear the word “mom” one more time i’m gonna delete it from the english language.  so yes… and i’d choose a knit night over a coffee shop because frankly, i can’t take much more of the staring and whispering or maybe under-the-breath-blabbing that takes place two feet from me.  i know.  i’m knitting and it’s totally freaking you out because your grandmother’s aunt used to knit and you learned to crochet that one time and i look like a weirdo and why am i knitting - you bet it’s a hat.  ok.  it’s the exit conversation that ices that cake where they say everything they said about me to me.  i find it all exhausting.  is that horrible?  i don’t really think so.  it’s just another annoying distraction from counting.  SO, knit night it is.  (best interaction ever at a coffee shop was with mare.  the shop was closing but we weren’t ready to go home so we decided on the alley cat.  i said, “ya sure.  i can totally knit at the alley cat!” and a woman was horrified.  horrified enough to confront me about it.  perfection.)

ok, ok.  i’m done ranting.  thanks for being there, friends.

now, for some sweet snippets of the week….

really a good week despite my griping.  friends, family, knitting, love… 

and now i’ve found myself without much left to say.  the boy is on vacation next week which means we will be having our own play date.  yarn store dates are the best.  have a lovely weekend, all. xo

dear del

frog. and not the amphibious kind.