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Wobble Leggies to start.

first, a knitty bit.  i just posted these little leggies as a free pattern.  you can find it here or under my shop link up above.  simple.  fast.  snuggly.  done.

i still haven’t found the time to button up the millie pattern but it will happen when the drag of other things subsides.  i’ve been hustling to get wears made for homespun so that i can ship them out… tomorrow even?  can i do it?  i bet so.  and i have a box that i’ve been compiling for my lady in the mountains.  it’s good.  it makes me happy.  the sun has finally begun shining on us here in corn country.  man did we miss it.  i don’t think i even realized how gray the world has been until i went out early this morning and realized the landscape was tinted pink.  sunrise, wow.  hi! i haven’t seen you in so long!

i’m happy to see monday today, too.  with the change in our schedule and the birthday celebrations with friends and family from thurday to sunday i’m seriously tired and now realize we know a fist full of aquarian people.  last night we celebrated with our sweet friends from metamorphosis and i’m telling you - a first birthday can be intense! monday comes and everything slows.  wow.  

my girl turned 11 on thursday.  yep.  weird.  her sister was so excited about getting her some gifts and wrapping and baking and surprising with balloons and song and we really had a great time of it.

but, my big girl… she’s going through a lot of changes and i’ve been having one hell of a time navigating her.  i’m really feeling an ache about this - mostly because i don’t see a smile on her face much any more.  the weight is coming on her and i remember it, but holy moly!  coming at it from the parent’s side is hard.  time magazine had a great article about raising introverted children in an extroverted community and it gave me a frame of reference.  our poor babe is an introverted air child not only in an extrovert society, but in an extrovert home with water people.  i’ve taken some cues from the article and i’ve already begun approaching her in a different manner.  we’ll see how it goes.

as for the rest of the week… it was full of friends and love and yarn.

mae got to play with mr. nelson and it was just darling watching them together.  such a sweet boy.  oh how we miss him!

i got to play with my friend, too.

you can see things from his lens here.

we also stopped by one of our lys and i grabbed some delicious malabrigo…

i have big plans for this yummy stuff, but i think i’d better get organized first.  i’m working on two patterns right now and i’ve already decided it’s too much.  i have notes spread out all over my work table, my computer desk, my book shelf, on business cards, and on my phone.  i foresee a shit storm.  i’ve been working on a hooded jacked with a lot of shaping and the vision is there i’m just not sure what happened to the drive.

i’m also working on a short sleeved summer sweater in a cotton & linen blend yarn that i normally wouldn’t be interested in.  it’s a flat yarn and those usually give me the creeps but this one is soft and delicate and when it’s knit up it doesn’t have that flat yarn edge.  does that make sense?  HA!  so they have both sort of stopped in place and are waiting for me to figure it out.  my brain is telling me to get that cropped jacket off the needles since i really only have a few more inches before separating the sleeves, but my hands say no way.  the summer sweater is giving me fits because i’m such a one-piece-wonder that the mere thought of knitting the sleeves separately and sewing them on is giving me a stomach ache.  it’s a construction issue.  i’m being such a cry baby!  so… that’s that.

i’ll leave you with a few quiet moments from last week.  xo


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