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the first one

first entry of the year.  silly.  this entry will be no different or riveting or funny as any entry i posted last year, but it’s the first of this so maybe that will set it apart down the road, many “first entry” posts from now.

i think i’ll begin with the theme… the week’s theme.  i’m still really enjoying this recognition process… SO, our bed.  it’s a gathering place in our home because it’s the biggest and the softest, and there are plenty of blankets and windows and usually an animal or two.  i realize it’s also my favorite place to take pictures.  rana says she likes my family’s ability to sleep, and i do too.  

our new year’s was not our typical.  it was good.  i saw my liz.  my love, love, love.  she had a large gathering and spent the night sitting at the table with me - catching up and swapping stories like i imagine girls do.  her small home was packed with people squeezing through doorways and inching around her giant table while we sat sipping away a bottle of wine.  she looked around to scan the indoor landscape and said, “who are these people (liz laugh)?  who cares?  i’ll spend the night here with you.”  but, we had one more stop to make and so we hugged for a long time, then hugged again and hubs had to step in with his i’m-so-sorry face and pull me away. 

our second stop was close to home and our sweet friends had been waiting for us a long time.  we welcomed the new year with them.  i wore this hat.


so, the chaos of the holidays has ended and the reality of winter is upon us.  it’s just now really getting cold here and i’m thankful for that.  mae is still waiting for that first big snow.  we had a few inches the other day and she spent the entire afternoon making the most of it.  oh to have the joys of a child.

i’m still just trying to stay on track.  the days have been running together and friday sneaks up on me every week.  i never made a resolution for this year.  maybe i’ll make one now.  i resolve to push past what i view to be possible.  i’m grateful for my test knitters.  i’m grateful for the huge response i’ve already had from the dellie sweater.  i’m grateful for having two more patterns so close to being ready to put in print.  i’m grateful to have the nerve to chase my dreams.  i’m grateful to have a family to keep me afloat.  now, i need to break down my walls and stop telling myself what is out of reach.

happy 2012 from the spainhowers. xo

thank you, more please.

DELLIE test knit