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the ease

creeping along and easing in.  we all stepped left one space and are getting used to our new skins.

baked apples - recipe in taproot issue 3

the best defense - ginger & orange

remember in the last post when i talked about cleaning out the garage?  …and how it’s usually only the first in a string of cleaning events?  yep.  i called it.  i dropped the girls at school last week and gutted the downstairs to prepare for a new landscape.  when the girls came home alizah squealed with delight saying our house looked like it should be in a magazine.  i guess i’ve set the bar pretty low thus far.  ha!   both girls said it seemed like there was way more room and alizah especially was mystified by the phenomenon.

we have a dining room again.  goodbye work room.  it almost seems like i’m punishing myself since having a big, open, functional work space was so indulgent, but my focus has shifted as is the case from time to time and right now food is the center of my creative mind.

this dining room is getting it’s fair share of use.

hubs has been coming home this week after orientation so we see him for about three hours each night.  this is his last week before going on the road full time.  it’s been a tough month for all of us.  the house seems particularly my own when he’s away which is sort of a hard thing to explain… i used to divide a few tasks that were his alone to complete which meant resentment.  he was notorious for ignoring those tasks for so long that i would silently bubble until exploding in rage.  only then would he finally cave and at that point it didn’t matter any more.  let me explain.  the biggest was laundry.  i know i’ve said before how much i HATE laundry and his only task was to put it away - already washed, sorted, folded, and ready to be stuck in it’s drawer or hung.  the clean clothes would sit out for so long that by the time he finally put them up they’d have cat hair all over them and they’d be in disarray from the kids rooting through them and there’d be a whole new lot coming out of the washroom - now filling the role of undone chores.  

however, now that there is no hubs to divide chores with, everything gets done quickly and easily.  it’s a bazaar and unexpected perk of being a “single parent” if that makes any sense at all.  i also love how excited we all are for him to come home when he’s been gone.  we want to eat him up, knowing he’ll be leaving again in only a couple days.  i cook his favorite foods and the girls swoon over him.  he asked how long this special treatment was going to last & (me being me) i told him to just enjoy it while he can.




crinkle cat

the boy’s load

mae and i spent the day with the boy on tuesday.  i baked biscuits and the boy made coffee and mae played with the mini lalaloopsy he bought after she told him all about them on the phone the day before.  we yarn shopped and lunched and played with crinkle cat who mae was a little afraid to touch at first.  then she got over it and chased him all over the house, properly traumatizing him.

carl got started on his giant cabled scarf which i’m waiting patiently waiting for an update on.  he’s good people, the boy.  i’m sure there will be a post in his corner of the blog about our visit soon (wink wink)

mae wore the sweater i knit for her sister oh so long ago.  it was one of those knit-off-the-cuff sweaters that i never took notes on and i’m kicking myself for it.  a woman at the yarn store asked if i had knit it and swooned.  she went on about it for so long that mae became embarrassed and hid.  ha!  maybe, when the stars align, i’ll go back to it - read it the best i can, and knit along with pencil in hand.  i need to get millie on paper, too.  i never did get to it… i totally suck at that part of design.  i mean, really, really suck.  oh goodness.  ha!


in a nutshell

fall veil and knitting, too.