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in a nutshell

all hours of day and night i kept that spot, working.  it seems like it took over every waking minute but i suppose it’s what i get for giving in to my laziness for so long.  first box shipped off this morning.  still working though.  i have absolutely zero inventory at this point and i must say, it seems odd to be so lean.

work wasn’t the only theme this week though.  oh no.  the biggest, most special thing to happen was this:

sweet baby daughter turned six!  can you believe it?  neither can i.  the morning of her birthday, she jumped out of bed and began measuring herself against things to see how much bigger she was than the night before.  she measured herself against doorknobs and dogs and even her sister.  sweet moments - so fleeting - that i want so badly to grip onto.

birthday pie.  so good and rich and it turned our teeth purple!

mae also decided, very much on a whim, that she wanted to paint the house.  i’m not sure what sparked it but she wouldn’t leave it alone all day so…. sunday night, i caved.

she chose a fresh, airy, icy blue and i let her do it.  that night as we began our work i was having doubts.  i’m more of an earthy, neutral, grounded sort of girl and this blue was giving me vertigo.  i felt sort of overwhelmed and dizzy like the walls were disappearing.  it seemed too light - too whimsical.  it’s funny though, because by the next afternoon i had the entire kitchen and living room finished except one wall.  i really love it now.  the walls do sort of fall away behind our plants and it feels very much like the sky falling back behind the trees.

now that i have that big order shipped off, i think i may be ready to tackle that last wall.  it’s the longest one with the most junk hanging on it.  HA!

and finally, this big order sparked a new bootie design.  see?

the girls came home that afternoon and mae almost died.  she snatched it up off the table and ran over to the couch to show alizah.  both girls squealed and swooned over it and told me how cool it was.  ahhhh.  music to a mama’s ears.  so, i posted a pic of it on instagram and got a similar reaction from ig land.  i love these little booties as much as the next guy so… i decided to actually start working on my etsy shop again.  i had enough and abandoned it quite some time ago, but i looked things over today and i like the new format.  i’ll have an update on that soon.


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