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dear blog friends, 

life gets in the way sometimes.  i promise to write more often.




now that i’ve gotten that out of the way, i’ll begin with my shout-outs for this week.

to a fantastic blogger who thought it would be a good idea to promote a couple of my patterns out of the kindness of her heart.  check out her blog here and say hi to miss amy.  

oooh, and look what i got in the mail yesterday!

i love them.  so so so so so so cute!  i have an idea for a little clothesline picture gallery in the near future with these darlings.  i had them printed here.  inexpensive + adorable = love

valentine’s day is upon us, people and i gotta give a shout-out to this lady i happened upon her tutorial while searching for crafts to make with the kids i babysit and i only made a couple adjustments.  rather than cutting the filters, then painting them we painted some with watercolors - others we scrunched up and dipped.  the dip method was by far my favorite.  then i used a hair dryer to dry the painted filters, stacked them and cut them all at once into a spiral following the directions for twisting and gluing.  then we cut big hearts out of card stock and glued the buds into little arrangements.  so freaking cute.  the twisting and gluing took up a huge chunk of time and i’m pretty sure i was cursing under my breath from time to time, but MAN the end result was worth it.  the cutest valentines ever!!!!

oh, also, i posted the herringbone bonnet pattern on ravelry last week.  you can find it here and here


last week was crazy.  some of you may have heard about some game called football and about how there was some really big game called the super bowl.  ya, that was here.  

i have tons of friends who work and live downtown so they really got the full experience.  i live so far out that i really only caught ripples via twitter, facebook, and instagram.  i have to admit, i quite enjoyed all of the updates like what ryan gossling was ordering and whether my friends had been changed by their celebrity encounters and where leonardo di caprio had rented an apartment.  i also enjoyed the sly pics of the jimmy kimmel taping and crying drunk guy on the curb (i think that’s his legal name) but what i enjoyed the MOST was when i decided to drag my family out of bed by the ankles sunday morning so that i could see super bowl town for myself.  i figured it would be tame and totally worth it.  i was right.  i stole some of my husband’s pictures to share with you.

we had to park near the old north side and hoof it.  when we lived in the old north side i don’t think we ever actually walked downtown because this city is so very car friendly with pretty ample parking and apparently we’re viewed as a “sleepy town” by the rest of the world so… ya know, the walk was a new thing for us.  indy is not a tourist town.  we aren’t used to hearing people say things like, “this is actually a really nice area.  i hear there’s a great resturaunt up that way and look at all those shops!”  it was so bazaar!  so i tried to see things as they saw things and i actually enjoyed the perspective.  the circle didn’t have a whole lot going on other than the tin man, this floating guy, tons of food trucks, and a ridiculously long line for the jimmy kimmel taping.  of course the big xlvi thing was there too… but we rounded the corner and headed off toward the stadium where things took a turn for the weird.

around here, we’re used to the indy rich downtown and as far as i’m concerned, there are four distinct classes.  there is the predominant gay rich and i mean, these guys are fly and often work AND live downtown.  they gays rule.  then the north-side rich who come down for dinner and a show and are often found in enormous groups.  old rich are usually those who contribute to the arts and have been going to the chatterbox since the 60’s.  then, there’s the red-neck rich who rarely come downtown from avon or brownsburg or greenwood and look completely baffled when confronted with a parking meter.  they’re fun.  BUT sunday morning i was taken back by the real rich.  outsiders with money are totally different.  it was stunning… and they were everywhere.  streets were transformed by huge screens and stages and people buzzing by over our heads on zip lines.  there were girls in stacked boots, leggings, and jerseys dancing.  people were crossing the streets in herds without paying any mind to the cars.  it was like a real city all of the sudden.  then we left.  i found comfort in heading back north where the crowds and noise faded behind us and mae could run through the parks and hubs could chase her and it was back to being just us and the bums.

so, things are back to normal and are getting better all the time.  my last day at the shop was saturday so i’m a free agent again.  the piles of laundry have been tamed, the cluttered desks have been cleared, and i find myself less and less aggravated by the mounting household duties.

on the knitting front, wow.  i had this fantastic idea for a cropped jacket with this really deep hood and it took shape - all of it but a sleeve and as i was transferring the stitches to double pointed needles i slumped over in despair.  i was so close and i could have just pushed on but in the end the yarn was wrong for the project.  the yarn that i thought was going to be so very perfect - that i sought out - that i even swatched! was totally wrong.  this jacket is going to take shape again someday because frankly, it’s bad ass… just not today.  so, i ripped the whole thing right then.  frogged in less than a minute and wound.  i swatched and swatched and swatched once more because i had another vision of what this yarn was going to be and it’s been slowly taking shape day by day.  here’s a peek at the beginning stages:

i’m working bottom up which i don’t normally prefer but i was really itching to try working elizabeth zimmerman’s saddle shoulder so… why not?  i’ve already worked the sleeves onto the body and begun the shaping but as far as a pattern - a writable pattern - i’m not convinced this is going to make the cut.  with the stitch pattern it’s become exhausting to track and even though i know exactly what i’m doing and where i’m going i’m having a hard time keeping careful enough notes so that someone could make sense of it.  if all else fails, mae will have yet another super rad mama made sweater to add to her collection.  i see no loss here.

other, more pressing projects have arisen so the sweater is on hold for the moment.  my mama asked me to make a baby blanket for a woman at her church who will be gifting it to a third party.  that’s a lot of gap for me and i have to admit i feel like i’m out on a limb here.  making something for someone special is so hard as it is because i (like i’m sure most of you) fret over colors and fiber content and weight and may or may not already have the perfect pattern chosen or have decided to wing it (ehem) so to spend all this energy and time for a mystery recipient is downright daunting!  my mother said the woman was looking for a lime green but she swears that what ever color she was referring to was not “lime green” at all and convinced her to go with “baby blue” instead.  colors colors colors…. names make no sense at all from one person to the next.  i figured i would try approaching the matter by going with a washable wool and the understanding that what ever light-ish blue was going to work whether i personally liked it or not.  i ended up with knitpicks swish worsted in big sky.  it’s way more turquoise than i expected for some reason and when i opened the box i was taken aback for a moment, but as the blanket has grown on the needles, the color has grown on me.

i’m working very loosely off this pattern because i love it despite the fact that i’m using one color and will not be making anything close to that large.  i will however work the pattern again with only my tastes to tangle with.

so now, i’m off to the couch - to retreat from the screaming girls and putting off homework with nose blowing and thirst quenching.  sometimes this family makes me want to cut my ears off.  HA!  maybe a glass of wine at 4:30 is acceptable on a day like this.  ya? tee hee.  

p.s. don’t let me forget to take pics of my FREAKING AWESOME goodwill finds from this afternoon!

good, goodwill

Wobble Leggies to start.