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good, goodwill

how on earth could i pass up these jars at $1.99 each?  seriously?

and i didn’t find what i was looking for but then found this happy yellow saucepan instead.  i really think it was never used and i feel ever so fortunate to have found it.  hubs laughs at me and this little pan.  yes, i’m attached.

happy moments.

and you know what?  i finished that little blanket.  even mama couldn’t believe the record time on this one.  now that it’s blocked and dry it’s soft and squishy and any baby could love it.  it’s so, so good.

i have a house full of children tonight and when i say house full i mean four which for many people is a cake walk - not even their entire brood.  if i’m speaking to you, how do you do it??? HA!  i feel like when mae runs upstairs and shuts my door it means they’re up to no good.  i should investigate.

happy thursday you beautiful people! xo

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