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the great printastrophe is over.

yes. i did it. and, as promised - the update.

the block. it’s a lino block and it’s seen it’s share of wear. sweet little goat boy in all of his delicious glory. i had decided once and for all to create a screen using this very block. using water based block ink and a brayer, i printed the image onto un-stretched silk cut to size. the image printed so easily and was perfectly crisp.

then it was time for the tedious - long and painstakingly detailed - work of hand painting the image with drawing fluid. this is a little risky because there are really no guarantees as to how clean the fluid will rinse away after adding the screen filler - especially with so many tiny marks and details. i just had to go for it. i used a 000 round brush for almost the entire image. zzzzz i stretched the silk after the fluid was dry (this is an old hat thing. most people should stretch the silk first while it’s wet).

i pulled the screen filler, let dry, then washed the fluid out or… scrubbed the fluid out vigorously (insert limp, tired arms here).

pulled as i normally would with silkscreen ink of the fabric variety. i know i lost some of the beautiful details but at this point, it’s a perfectly acceptable trade off. PLUS, with all the bleeding and other issues i was getting before i lost details anyways. the icing is that i printed three shirts (because mae needs one of everything mama makes) in about 5 minutes rather than screwing around with that block for a half hour on each shirt.

now that i completed the kids, i’m excited to set to work on the i love ewe. that one should be comparatively easier! xo

porch kids.