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still, it’s like summer here.  80 degree days are the norm this week and i think my internal clock is under attack.  don’t get me wrong - it’s absolutely delightful!  we spend our time outside with friends at the park, playing in the hose, basking in the warm breeze of open windows, and sleeping under sheets… but it’s pitch black when the alarm goes off, and spring break for our girl is still a ways away, and the trees are bare.  it’s good but it feels off.

we loaded the truck with dirt and cleaned out all the garden beds.  it’s a start.  i thought i’d better get those cool weather babes in the ground in case it stays warm through spring.  early expectations now.  silly.  i asked hubs last night if he thought this warmth would stay with us.  he’s doubtful.  on the topic of gardens… you may know i’m not really a conventional gardener.  i started out how i thought i should with nice even rows and perfectly tilled soil.  then i got lazy.  then i got smart.  rather than tilling up the dirt, i add.  i add, add, add.  i add manure and good top soil and i weed.  that is all.  this year i’m trying some new to me heirloom beans and i’m intermixing the plants heavily.  i know my babies when the sprout so i’m not concerned about weeding them but i am eager to see how some of the lower to the ground plants behave this year.  i’m planting sugar babies again, too.  man, those are delicious and since i’m limited on space… perfect.

kids.  teeny.  she loved this shirt so she kept it.  good trade for her “modeling” time!  

now… this is the story of the block print shirts.  finding ink for block printing fabric that dries within 12 hours and that you can launder is fucking impossible.  seriously….. getting a good sharp print with any of it is damn near impossible.  i block print my embroidery hoop prints with water based block printing inks that i spray set or with oil based inks that may take a month to dry but i don’t care because it’s drying on my wall.  the t’s are a different story all together.  i’ve scoured the internet and it seems everyone is crying out for the same product i am, and though we’re all making do with one ink or another - none of us are truly satisfied.  hint to printmaking supply companies! so… i’m contemplating a task of monumental proportion but that i think is going to soothe my suffering in the end.  i’ll give it a go and post about the results.

the knitty front is at a stand-still for now and i’m ok with that.  time management….  what ever that is.  our weekend is sufficiently packed with glee performances, birthday parties, dinner dates, and sleep overs and i have no intention of forcing work upon myself right now.  mmmm i remember what it was like to knit just because.  maybe i’ll try finishing the saroyan.  it’s close.  i’m on the decrease section.  it may be comforting to finish something for myself.  maybe.  no promises.  ha!

happy friday, all.  xo


the great printastrophe is over.

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