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good monday

small glimpses from today.  a good day.  a warm day.  a budding day.

so big.  an old man at the coffee shop yesterday said, “watch out for her.  she’ll be a teenager soon.”  yes, she will.  she looks so tall and lean here.


this came in the mail.  it’s lovely.  i’m holding it for an especially quiet time so that i can sit and read and think and absorb.  maybe next to the garden beds with coffee in hand.  as you know, that’s “mama’s zen time” and i’m thankful for this warmth that has rolled in with mama’s (much needed) zen time on it’s tails.

mare made this for me.  she had made one months ago for herself and i was tempted to take that one right then and there.  i love it.  it’s so good to have a moment of mare - bright, bold mare - in my home.

a new addition to lucy & the bird!  leggings.  knit heart leggings with not one stitch on the needles.  

the i love ewe’s.  i printed them today after going through the exhausting process of block to screen saturday.  the dark asphalt shirt with white ink is getting all the love.  i’ll make lot’s of those.  

good monday.  you don’t hear that much now do ya?  it was.  it had it’s ups and downs and i had a minor melt down on the phone what that mare lady i talk about all the time - but i ate all the rest of the cupcakes mae brought home from her sleep over and poured myself a glass of wine.  instant happiness.  HA!  i’m feeling even now.  i have work to do and money to (scrape together and) spend.  i have a good direction for the summer wears - a tricky season for the knitterly.  inching along.  steady.



porch kids.