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mint galore

carrot greens

spinach - after mae feasted on it like a little rabbit

first strawberry blooms

so many growing things.  the trees have all flowered and blooms are dropping to make way for the green buds.  i’m so immersed in the beauty of life springing up around us that i don’t really miss spring at all.  there have been years when the weather had turned warm suddenly and i was depressed about the whole thing like we missed christmas or something.  this year i was surprised, a little confused, and timidly excited but not sad.  not in the least.  what would seven months of gardening weather mean for our little backyard farm?  what would seven months of swim wear weather mean for a knitting entrepreneur?  

warm weather makes me want to cook - a lot.  mae and i prepared a feast last night.  the cooking was more fun than the eating.  she was in charge of the spinach and garlic mashed potatoes and they were scrumptious!  it’s funny though to think here in the middle of march i’m feeling blue about eating all these things not having pulled them from the dirt ourselves.  internal clock.  tap tap.  ya, it’s totally broken.

it was downright sweltering in the sun today.  mae and i had the great pleasure of babysitting alizah’s other little sister during the day but we could only bear the playground for an hour or so.  both girls were as red as tomatoes and begging to go home.  of course, i cooled them off with an ice cream stop on the way back to the house.  mmmm, mmmm, mmmm.  hot march.


the boy is at it

good monday