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i was feeling so stuck earlier… my knitting was all thumbs and i think my brain shorted out or something.  so, i ate and came up here to do this.  i think i’m just burnt out and overwhelmed.  i can be my own worst enemy sometimes.  i’ll just cut the fear off at the knees and stunt it’s growth until it’s gone.  yes.  that’s good.

elizabeth.  fantastic.  amanda soule had said something like ez’s patterns were comfort knitting and i’d say i agree.  i’ve been plowing through this huge order but plowing in knitting terms means i can finish a necktie, a pair of socks, a pair of booties, and start some wrist warmers before i collapse into bed at 11pm.  granted, this is another story all together when i don’t have a little bird chirping, “mom, i’m hungry.  mom, can you fix this? mom, look at what i found!  mom, i spilled.” from 7:30 am.  it’s hard balancing.  knitting the heart hat was smooth.  it made me smile and i had no problem putting it down 48 times.  i guess it’s because i was knitting it as a break from my knitting.  i bet only 15% of people reading this can grasp that concept - but i swear to it.  it’s a real thing.

the girls and i found this hanging planter and thought it was the bees knees.  it came with basil, cilantro, and oregano seeds.  we planted them for fun fully prepared for them to die.  it’s silly, really.  we just wanted dirt under our fingernails.  this winter has been mild.  really mild.  so much so that i can’t even say it ever came.  BUT, it’s still cold near the windows and these little fellows are slow growing.  growing none the less.  we’re planning the garden already.  i’m eager to get out there and sweat and dig and plant and find all the little babes from last year popping back up.  what a wonderful thing to look forward to together.

i took this picture this morning.  mae.  she’s a crazy sleeper.  she begged us to take the rail off the top bunk so we explained how dangerous it could be if she fell and that it really wasn’t wise to do.  she didn’t care.  she’s five.  five-yr-olds are all-knowing and she said she would be ok.  i built up a landing pad made of every spare blanket i could find just in case.  it’s been nearly a month now and she has yet to fall out of her bed.  i guess the moral here is that she was right.  

toe dip socks i finished yesterday.  i love the grey and red.  so so sweet.  i’m excited to start knitting for the lucy & the bird website, too.  these will be available on there in a bunch of color combinations.  i think they might actually be my favorite thing to knit right now.  baby socks aren’t like real people socks.  they’re so fast and can easily be knit using 4 4” needles (which i absolutely love).

scoop.  i’ll be sewing again this week.  orders.  the change of pace will be good.  humming sewing machine.  cutting.  threading.  changing up my crafting exercises!  HA!  working different muscles.  creating new pathways.  new connections.

i’ll leave you now with three fun bites.

1. hubs got contacts.  my brain tells me he can’t see all the time now.  he still pushes his glasses up on his face.

2. after a lot of craziness, hubs got me a new phone.  we face time each other from across the room and when we’re feeling extra saucy, i switch the camera so he sees the dog’s butt.  then he switches his so i see the dog’s head and we rip the fabric of time and space.

3. the girls cut hubbie’s hair.  they gave him a little mohawk and thought it was the funniest thing ever.  he promised to keep it for one week.  alizah had a new friend over and we met her dad.  after he left and the girls went up stairs, hubs said, “oh shit.  i just realized i have this mohawk!  that guy probably thinks we’re total weird-o’s.”

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