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giant leaps

there are few things greater.  the middle pic of mae is my favorite.  just as her feet touched down the camera snapped and her hair is full blown medusa.

we’re in solid 60-70’s these days and the air outside smells wet and alive.  it’s a good time for laying in bed with the windows open, breathing slowly and taking in the warm sun.  there has been a strong push for change and cleansing and moving forward and navigating turns here for all of us, and alizah took a giant leap last night.

her mermaid hair is now a mermaid braid.  in a jar.  on her dresser.

she’s been hinting about that she wanted to cut her hair for a couple months now and got the same reaction from everyone around her, “no!  you’re hair is so long and beautiful and mermaid-y!”  last night i told her if she was ready, i was ready.  we got online and checked out some haircuts and talked about bangs, lengths, symmetry, you know… then went into the bathroom for the big snip.  as soon as she heard the scissors crunching through the thick rope she began sobbing into her hands.  i kept saying, “i thought you said to cut it!”  over and over and i hugged her and she gasped and wailed.  mae was in shock and also began crying - and ran downstairs to tell daddy on me.  

a few moments later she was fine.  i think it was the initial sever that hit hard.  once we got it cut how she wanted she was a new woman - lighter and fresh.

this morning i asked how her hair felt.  she said it was really soft and easy to brush.  two very good things.  all day she’s been tossing it this way and that and touching it and seeing if she could still wear it in a pony tail (the answer is yes) and saying, “i can’t believe it’s so soft!  why did it never feel like this before?”

this is where it becomes boring and everyone who has hacked off a length of hair knows the feeling so, blah blah, get on with it.

alright.  something has changed in this kid since last night.  i can only describe it as pruning - you cut back a plant so that it grows more fully - and i think that’s what has happened here.  

every morning i wake up and the house is somehow trashed since the night before because little people get up early and run through like little hurricanes.  every morning i bitch and moan that if they’re gonna make this mess, then they better pick it up and every morning they ignore me.  every day we have to nag alizah to do her homework - for hours this goes on.  it’s irritating.  every day she acts like she can’t stand us and that we’re ruining her life.  that’s also irritating.

today?  i came downstairs and she was already picking up and bringing the dishes into the kitchen.  today she got her homework out without being asked.  today she has been cheerful and fun and happy.  is it possible that she was storing bad feelings in that hair?

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