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recipe of the month

with the onset of teaching knitting classes i’ve been moved to thinking about knitting as a beginner again - something i haven’t really thought about for some time now.  the first class i’m scheduled to teach is a mama & me class for parents and children ages 5 & up.  what a challenge, huh?  exciting though and i’m eager to get in there and put little hands to work with sticks and wool.

in very courtney form, i couldn’t decide on any existing patterns that would really offer what i wanted to teach the group so i wrote my own.  three actually with focus on different ages.  why not?  these patterns are so simple in their design, so quick to whip up, and so easy to write, i don’t even consider them patterns at all but recipes for creating a knitted item.  i’ve written them loosely and informally for the experienced knitter to look at and (hopefully) be inspired by.  they will also be here to serve as refreshers for students after they leave the guidance of the classroom.  

with this new beginning for myself and the students, i’m inspired to post a simple recipe each month.  i’m not sure how many months this will last but it would be quite sweet if i could keep the momentum for years!  we’ll see.  i make no promises, but for now it’s fun and exciting and it is an opportunity for me to give to you all.  

look for the first recipe to be posted wednesdy, april 4th!

if you live in the indianapolis area and are interested in more information on this and other classes, this is the link you want.


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