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changes & staying

you’ve surely noticed i’ve done some major housekeeping here.  blog spring cleaning perhaps.

the site has been giving me fits as of late and i nearly switched my account to another blog host, but after a lot of consideration, hours of comparisons, and late nights editing here and there…. i’ve decided i’m best off staying put.

i’m gonna ride out the glitches for now and keep my fingers crossed that with the host renovating on their end, the problems are temporary.

one really fantastic thing the host has changed is it simplified its plans giving me a lower payment and more options for the site and readers.  win & win.  there is now a register link on the top menu.  if you’d like to register as a member, you can follow updates via e-mail, create a profile for commenting, and upload pictures in the SHARE your KNITS gallery.  fun?  i think so.

other news: i’m gonna go ahead and post a second recipe of the month on the 18th because i’m offering three different patterns by age for the first knitting workshop in may and would like to have them all up and available before the class begins.

alright friends.  enough of the boring stuff.  have a great day! xo

the hustle