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two carls and a bike show

i love our carls.  they’re surely our best guy friends and so perfectly suited to us.  we saw them both this weekend.  i think the last time that happened was…. back here!  wow.

we got to spend time with the boy and his lady laux friday evening… and wouldn’t you know, he was knitting!  if you’re like me you’ve probably given up on him (a little) but he just posted about his newest knitting adventure here. he’s amazing.  

saturday i had brunch with a sweet friend, then met the fellas at the rocker’s reunion (oh ya, did i mention we had no children for 36 hours?)  it was hot, but great to see our motorcycle friends all in one place.  the next day this photo popped up online.  ha!  what is it about hubs?  such a little celebrity.  we ended the night with dinner and friends we haven’t seen in ages.  i’m enjoying this patio weather. it makes us reconnect and reminds me that we have so many beautiful people in our life.

i was going to share a bit more from those days, but i found these pics the boy had taken & that i had forgotten about.  they’re far more interesting albeit blurry.  enjoy.


a unique gift he has….

palate cleanser!

snip snip :: the hour monday