Knitwear Designer//Pattern Drafter//Author//Teacher monday

hi friends!

and welcome back, me… ha!

it was good to be gone and it’s equally good to be back.

first things first. the biggest fo for today is the bow tie e-magazine i finished during my week “off” which you can find in the side bar. it was a fun project and the perfect way for me to gather some of my favorite bow tie patterns to sell. the bow ties have always been a steady seller for me both locally and at craft fairs. i hope some of you feel so inclined to purchase the e-mag & make some fabulous ties for yourself.

i’m deep in the design mode once again and all i have to show is this:

ha! ya. you’re welcome. it’s actually a really fun wearable for little ones that i hope against hope turns out the way i’m dreaming it will. i have to thank miss fox for this yarn. i know i won’t have enough, but that darker green will swoop in and save the day. two-tone don’t bother me… especially for my test piece.

i’ve been swaying a lot lately in my focus. everyone seems to be griping about the summer knitter’s block & i can’t say there’s a cure, but i am starting to feel it’s more about indecision than true block. i went an entire summer without touching a scrap of knitting & that was the real deal. i know i’m not one of those intricate lace knitters… or fancy fair isle charters… not that i won’t grow to be one some day when i have weeks or months of uninterrupted knitting time (you know, when the kids move out), but for now i’m caught between the obtuse focus of wanting to knit mindlessly while watching movies and talking and eating & the narrow focus of counting stitches and gingerly steering tiny needles. it’s a weird and itchy sort of place. i find myself walking over to my work table and picking up a hank then sort of flipping through notes and books and picking up another hank casting on, knitting a few rows, and plopping it back onto the table in the heap of unknittables.

i’ve been pondering the ways i can turn all of this around but sadly i think the only cure is spending the month’s rent at the yarn store. you know, so i can disapprove of some new yarns rather than the stale ones in my stash.

it really is good to be back & i’ll see you wednesday with snippets. xo


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