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ravelry link time!

there is a phenomenon with us humans. in art it’s called a movement. i call it a universal consciousness . it’s really quite fantastic when you think about it & no matter how different or isolated or geographically displaced from each other we are, sometimes it happens and there is a global click.

i had seen a lot of little girl’s dresses with these longer backs and i said to my dear friend mare, “i want to knit a sweater sort of like that. you know, not as big and stuff ‘cause it would be a sweater.” and she said “that’s a great idea! i’ve seen those, too. you should totally do it.” (i’m not sure what we actually said, but this is pretty close.)

so, i did & i even wrote the pattern and took some goofy pictures and sent it off into the inter-web-space & BAM! everyone loved it because maybe everyone was thinking, “i wish i had a sweater that was sort of long in the back like all those little girl dresses i keep seeing, but not as much because it’s a sweater.”

then, i get on ravelry every day because i make it a habit for my friday links and i don’t want anything super fantastic to slip through the cracks and i start seeing MORE sweaters that are longer in the back (or on the side in one case) and i giggle and chuckle and laugh at the heavens because we really were all thinking that. how silly.

kittiwake socks

twist pullover (how gorgeous is this!?)

new tower


mille pertuis

baby track shorts

god’s eye mitts

longitudinal (i already knit my test sock and have yarn on the way for the real deal. this pattern is fantastic!)



sunshine top

on off shawl

universal consciousness sweaters:

good sweater



… and i’m sure there are more on the drawing boards & soon to come.

this is a weekly list of recently added items to ravelry.

i link them because i love them.

i look for articles with superb fit or drape & clever shaping, textures, and patterns. my hope is that i connect a knitter with a fantastic pattern they may not have noticed on their own as well as offer support, encouragement, and yes, even some free promotion for the hard working designers.

enjoy monday

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