Knitwear Designer//Pattern Drafter//Author//Teacher monday

remember that little green thing from last week?  it was my knit sketch as i often like to do and it became this!  pleats and arrows took shape with only one major alteration to the sketch.  the sleeves.  i was over it.  if i had to pick up those stitches one more time i was gonna start throwing needles like knives - so.  i do however have a grand plan for those sleeves but that will come later.

(malabrigo arroyo)

the details are the sweetest - and hardest to photograph of course.

so, now i just need to turn this:

into a pattern.  that people can read.  

i casted on a test sock of that longitudinal pattern just to see what it was all about.  i LOVE it.  it’s the perfect sock for non-sock knitters or wanna-be sock knitters or knitters who love clever and inventive ways to construct things.  as i was working, the sock emerged from the fabric and i dare say it looked more like art than a sock.  i think i could hang it on my wall.

i have yarn on the way for the real deal socks, but i’ve realized i have a needle mystery on my hands and can’t find any of my circulars smaller than a US4.  DAMN.  i didn’t actually want to buy needles since i’ve just dumped (not quite) the month’s rent into yarn… you know, like i said i needed to.  hubs even said, “is that why you don’t usually take me with you to the yarn store?  that one little sweater has $40 in it already!”  when inspiration strikes… you know.

and speaking of inspiration, the next sweater is one i’m SUPER excited about!  i’ve only just begun swatching, but with alizah at her dad’s and mae off to camp this week i should have ample time to make major progress.

(malabrigo lace)

take care, all & i’ll see you wednesday with snippets. xo

snip snip

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