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i finally made it to the computer!  yay!  i was up and out of the house this morning with a long list of errands.  those days always sort of escape me - they slip through my fingers and before i know it the kids want dinner.  what’s that about?  ha!  so… some quick project updates…

1. wips

nimbus.  she’s sweet, light & fluffy.  now, if i could just bite the bullet and get those sleeves done!  it’s knit to fit mae so, about a 5T and i’ve finished the bottom so i really don’t have far to go.  i think i just need an extra push - a burst of energy - or….

a distraction!  like the wip that became a rip.  i actually thought it would be a good idea to knit another pair of socks - without a pattern.  i got six inches in last night and decided i loved that yarn too much for my future shawl and that another yarn would do just fine as these socks instead.  it’s true, and i’ll be happy for it later.  the good thing is that the stitch pattern makes for fast work & after a week of chipping away on nimbus (which is in a lace weight yarn) this sock yarn might as well be super bulky!  HA!

2. giants

mae and i re-discovered one of our favorite songs yesterday.  i didn’t even realize i missed it until i heard it again.  here is a cute video:


now that we’ve found it again, she makes me play the video over and over and she whispers along.  it’s pretty sweet.

i hope everyone is having a beautiful monday!  xo

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