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Hello friends. There isn’t much to share in the wip category…. Just this lap blanket & crochet no less! I haven’t picked up a hook in years. Knitting has always appealed to me because of the actual knit stitches. It’s a texture thing - but also, knitting I know. I can read it and speak it and write it. I never learned to read crochet patterns but making a granny square seemed like something I should know how to do! So I hit up my old friend YouTube and figured it out.
I have nothing to share in the fo category as the yoke sweater had the privilege of a post of its very own. So, with that I bid you all a short farewell. I’m facing a busy, busy week and have decided to take a baby blog-cation. I’ll see you all next week refreshed and (hopefully) with some big news involving bow ties of all kinds.

xo monday

ravelry link time & a humble thank you